As an avid runner, I was interested in trying Pilates as a way to strengthen and stretch the muscles that I use almost every day day pounding it out on the pavement. What I have gained from Caroline’s Pilates sessions is that and much more. During our first training session, Caroline took the time to listen to my fitness goals and really evaluate my body’s strengths and weaknesses. Now, she specifically designs each of our Pilates sessions with those in mind. Even more importantly, Caroline encourages me to go beyond my comfort level and challenge my body in ways that running and other sports never have. Finally, Caroline is incredibly knowledgeable about the practice of Pilates and human physiology. She not only guides me through the Pilates movements, she helps me understand why I am doing each one and how it will help improve my strength, balance or flexibility. Caroline’s Pilates training has become a key part of my workout schedule!

— Sheila

Since I have started Pilates, I can see and feel positive changes physically. I look forward to working out with Caroline twice a week in the privacy of her home. Her calm, detailed and focused approach to instruction has dramatically improved my strength and flexibility. Pilates has produced better results then anything I have tried before.

— Sarah

I have worked with Caroline for the better part of a decade. When I started, I was younger and not in great shape. Today I am older and in perhaps the best shape since my teen years. Caroline is very dedicated to her craft and excellent in challenging your limits. I find my sessions with her very rewarding. The benefits are tangible and well worth the effort. I have worked with many personal trainers/pilates instructors over the years and she is by far the best. She always gives 100% and expects nothing less from her clients.

— Vicky

No matter how stiff, sore, horrible I feel when I go to see Caroline, I always feel better when I leave our sessions! She really understands how to get the most out of each person so that they work hard but also work smart. She tailors our sessions to focus on how Pilates will benefit my body and my issues.

— Peggy

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